Edible InsectsBug Buffet is a bright new food company who specialise in creating gourmet dishes for events and festivals using the superfood of the century: Insects.

We want to spread the word, and the taste, of these speciality dishes which we have gathered from around the world and share with our customers the exhilarating experience of trying something new for the first time. We also love educating and talking to people about our passion – why did we start eating insects, which insects are good to eat, what are the benefits of eating insects and we find that after the surprise of how good they taste many people are equally interested by the science and history surrounding this oldest of traditions which is making a big comeback in this modern age.

We do cater for private parties, work/school or social club events and are also appearing at a number of shows and festivals around the UK in the summer. If you are interested in finding out more about us or even booking us, just use the contact form at the side and we will get right back to you.