What we serve

Bug Buffet creates tasty snacks, which are healthy, fun and delicious from the finest sources of natures bountiful insect family. We are always researching exciting new flavours and recipies from around the world and some of our current favorites are:

chocolate-covered-ants.fw (Custom)Chocolate Covered Ants

Selected, toasted ants are covered in a thick layer of rich Belgian chocolate. These are sweet crispy treats which everyone is sure to love, these are by far our most popular item at events

cricket stirfry (Custom)Cricket Stir Fry

Small, juicy crickets are first spiced and curried before becoming the star attraction atop a glorious fresh stir fry. These are a tasty, health more adventurous alternative to the traditional and somewhat boring “normal” meats

candied mealworms (Custom)Candied Mealworms

Mealworms are one of the most nutritious types of insects to eat they are high in protein, iron and calcium but can taste a bit bland. These candied mealworms are raised on a special diet of sweet potato then given a beautiful candied coating making them a great sweet snack

fried crickets (Custom)Salted Fried Crickets

Small Brown crickets, quickly fried in high quality nut oil and covered with sea salt. This is as basic as it gets but is always a winner with many people suggesting they taste like (if not better than) fresh pork scratchings – a perfect partner to a cold beer on a warm day.